13.07.17~ Entry One

The first post. This blog, “The Purple Notebook” (although I doubt it will be long before I end up changing it), is named after a purple notebook. The first time I wrote in that notebook it was winter and I was 16. I had decided to rekindle my love of writing and wrote mainly about trees. It’s just over a year later. It is summer and I am 17. And when I write, I am usually still writing about trees. This blog is probably going to be filled with the crappy articles of an aspiring journalist, or badly taken photographs, or random ramblings, or adventures. I will probably change my mind about what I put in this blog, and in 2 months I will probably re-read this first post, cringe intensely, and promptly delete it. Either way this is the first step, it’s time to stop writing about trees.



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